Adobe Photoshop Tut#1

So what is this all about? My second post, as usual. I’m posting a tutorial for Adobe Photoshop it’s very easy to follow hope you can do whatever I say.

So where are we going to start? Wait, this tutorial is about, Image inside a Text. Get it?

Step 1.

First open up any image you want (it’s whatever, just whatever)


I’m going to use this.

Just to make sure, if you open up the image you wanted, make sure it’s not locked.

To unlock it in simplest way double click the image. Or you can copy the image and paste it again to a new document. ctrl+c + ctrl+n press enter ctrl+v (shortcut keys)

Step 2.

Type something on the image, its whatever again ( me I type our group name)

I used “Gill Sans Ultra Bold“…Just find a nice bold font.


Step 3.

Press Ctrl+t (Free transform) or Edit > Free Transform.

Put the Text in the corner top


Should be like that. And now bend it, adjust the text.


Just like the image.

Step 4.

On the layer’s palette


It should like be the image above. Which turns out



What can you say about my tut? Is it worth trying? 🙂

I’ve decided to post this tutorial here in my main site. is not available any longer. Thanks!

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