Adobe Photoshop Tutorial #2

Am I back??? Lol sorry for not posting. I’ll returning comments back later. But then hello again see the title right? I guess you have an idea what’s this all about. Ok lemme start.

This is Image inside a Brush. Any idea? The last one was Image inside a Text right? This is quite easy and tricky if you don’t follow the steps carefully.

1. Open up the picture you want in the brush or pattern.

Me this is mine:

2. Now go to Edit> Define Pattern

It should be like this:

3. Open a New Document (ctrl+n) much better if you know the shortcuts keys. 😀

Mine is (500×317) it should be the same size of your pattern.

4. Right click on Layer 1 and go to blending options. Or double click it.

5. Click Pattern Overlay. Check the box. Click dropdown and the pattern we define earlier and then hit ok.

Should be like this:

6. Pick up your favorite Brush tool. I’ll put random brushes for my image. Just start brushing to reveal your image. If you’re done save it as .PNG so the background image will be transparent.

This is my sample only.

Other outcomes:

So simple right? Give it a try. Then show it to me! Just simply put your image link. 😀
Hope you like it.

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