Bath Robes

Personal hygiene is required in each person. I really agree to this, because you don’t like to use other people’s underwear’s, robes, towels right? Or even your own things. I admit my mom do this and me, I was like irritated for the whole day. Talking about cotton things, I really love wearing robes before or after bathing. Yeah, I think it’s sexy. 😀

Christmas is coming, have you ever wonder what to gift? I’m thinking of gifting robes or towels this coming Christmas, for myself. XD haha, gifting is really not my thing. On the other hand, I want this bath wrap, oh it’s really cute! I found it sexy when you wear it, just imagine, they also have many colors for this! And these robes also, terry bath robe if you want it to be simple. Waffle bath robe, yeah from the word itself, waffle if you want it to have some design. Tssss, base from looking at the pictures I think it’s very comfortable to wear. I would love to try this on!

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