‘Beautiful’ vs. ‘Pretty’ Which Do You Prefer?

“Beautiful” and “Pretty”- two different words. Ask a guy to differentiate between the two words, and I am sure 85% would say they mean just the same. Ask a girl, what these two words mean, and I can tell you 99% would be able to tell you the difference. So what does it essentially mean, when your boyfriend or husband essentially compliments you saying “Hey, you are looking pretty today!” or “Gosh! You are so beautiful!!” I can bet, for all women reading this article, they would have a much bigger smile for the second compliment, because there is and always be a certain difference between being ‘pretty’ and ‘beautiful’.

Though, a lot of people, would dismiss the idea of external validation at their origin, stating ‘You are who You are and if you feel Beautiful then you are Beautiful’, let’s accept it at certain point of time, we all needed that appreciating nod or that compliment over the dinner table. There is always a sense of pride and self-restoration when someone known or unknown compliments you- because beauty is what the others see in you.

‘Pretty’- the term is mostly casual in sense of its use. You may find a teenage girl with a red frill dress and white hair-accessories pretty, or you may call that new intern pretty with her cute perky summary dresses and matching accessories. Thus pretty, is not much really a compliment, it is more something that is natural, a lesser degree of external validation, something that is temporary, instant and spontaneous.

And then there is “beautiful”, a word generally a woman lives to be defined as. It has a certain sense of pristine, serene and divineness attached to it. When you call someone ‘beautiful’, that is more of an assertion that a statement, meaning it is the highest form of external validation. It is permanent, thought-after and comes out of sheer love and appreciation. Thus, in a word, it can be said, that someone who is beautiful is always pretty, but someone who is pretty need not necessarily be beautiful.

For instance, have you noticed, how the skincare products advertisement significantly places the word “beautiful” and not “pretty”. There is a reason attached to it as well, and the same corresponds to human rationalization of each of those words. For a girl, who applies make up as much as her hobby, specifically when she might not have even needed it, is a girl who would always be restricted to being called pretty, because people are just adjusted and accustomed to seeing her that particular way, and she would always be that “pretty little thing”. But for that girl over the coffee table, who on her prom night, put on that red dress and wore it like a diva, you would have an instant appreciation, for the makeover and the effort she took to bring the best of that night. Now that’s “Beautiful”.

Thus, essentially there are a lot of skincare products available in the market, that could give you that impeccable look and turn you out just the way you wanted to look in the mirror, that’s what’s gonna make you pretty. But then, there is something important in you, that gives you that glow, personality and attitude, with which you pull off that smile even after a hard day and carry off that shoe bite walking like Heidi Klum- and you would be called beautiful- naturally and forever. So, what’s your pick: Pretty or Beautiful?

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The above article is composed by CJ, a beautician by profession associated with mynewa.com who loves to share her beauty and health tips via her articles.

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