BizHacks: 3 Online Efficiency Tools You Probably Didn’t Know About

BizHacks: 3 Online Efficiency Tools You Probably Didn’t Know About

Efficiency, or productivity, is something that holds general appeal. On the job site or anywhere else, it is of so much value that a lot of companies are willing to spend to increase their productivity. Guess what? Attaining efficiency doesn’t have to cost too much. The following online services are a testament to that:


Naming a business is an important first step. The name you assign to a business means branding, advertising and promotional strategies that just might not prove effective if you turned out to have improperly named your business. It is for this reason that a lot of branding agencies thrive, but the problem with them, they charge too much for small business owners or financially-challenged startuppers to afford them. is an online naming/branding service that capitalizes on crowdsourcing to come up with unique, easy-to-remember names or domains (even slogans). has a solid base of more than 50,000 registered contributors, and to avail of their service, all you have to do is register as a client, make the required downpayment of $50 for a name or domain (a slogan is pegged at $75) and specify your naming needs. And here’s something you probably can’t refuse: If none of the suggestions meets your criteria, you’re entitled to a refund.


Efficiency means coming up with quality products within the least possible time. Customers are satisfied. Business owners cut down on costs. Employees come up with more ways to simplify their workloads. Everybody is happy, essentially. This is why corporate intranets and CRMs rose to prominence. Problem is, these tools can cost a lot. is a Facebook-like social intranet + CRM platform that’s absolutely free for small companies with just about 12 people in its roster. comes with a CRM system, sales funnel, real-time viewing, messaging, calendar, activity planner, photo upload into a gallery and many other awesome features. For companies comprised of more than 12 people, subscription stands at $99 a month. Oh, and it’s cloud-based, by the way. Meaning, there’s no installation needed, and you can access it anywhere – either via a web browser or smartphone.


Traveling by air is efficient, inasmuch as it saves time, time better spent on accomplishing things that matter more. And with the arrival of low-cost airlines and online ticketing sites, air travel has become cheaper. But like everything else, “cheaper” comes with a trade-off. Because of stiff competition among airlines nowadays, they no longer pitch their best deals to price-comparison websites. Instead, they encourage consumers to visit their own corporate websites or third-party sites they have contracts with to find the best and cheapest airfare deals.

As a result, the consumer wanting to make the most of his hard-earned money would have to visit one flight site after another, one airline portal and another next, one ticketing site to another ticketing site, making the process time-consuming and a little too labor-intensive. is a meta search engine that thoroughly searches 728 individual airline sites, hundreds of flight and ticketing sites to find the best and cheapest airfare deals and makes the data available for public use. hopes to significantly trim down the time and effort it takes for consumers to find the airfare deals they so desire, all in a single airfare portal.

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