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Every student owns a book. Have we? I remember when I was on high school, there’s a book that we need to have. But the school library doesn’t have it. Instead they insist us to buy that book. But it was too expensive, so instead of buying it we ran to Mr. Internet and typed the questions that our teacher wants us to answer, through the help of that book. Modern time, there are already new books. How about those old and nasty books? I believe that books are still helpful rather than the internet. What will happen to those books if we still rely on internet? I know internet is capable of many things. But still books are helpful to us. When we don’t have an internet how can we search for a specific question? Or electricity might be off. So books are still helpful no matter what. There are shops and stores that offer a cheap price college textbooks for college that are pre-loved. We don’t need new books, as long as we can read it. It doesn’t matter if it’s old or new.

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