Classic Coffee Makers

If you are someone who simply wants a great cup of coffee each and every time you brew a pot you no doubt know the results can be all over the place. Making coffee is both an art and a science but you may not be feeling particularly scientific first thing in the morning. With an on demand brewing system such as the Keurig® K-Cup® compatible holder or replacement pod coffee maker you don’t have to do much more than press a button to guarantee great coffee every time.


On demand coffee makers, also know as single serve or on demand brewing systems take all the guesswork out of making coffee. They control the key variables so the results are consistently good. Great coffee depends on using fresh coffee at the correct grind; the coffee-to-water proportion must be just right and the water should be cold. To ensure the very best coffee it is best to use top quality tap, filtered or bottled water. This is a lot to think about but with an on demand brewer the machine does all of the work

To make coffee you simply select a cup and place it under the brewing port. Then insert a coffee pod into the machine and press a button – in one minute or less the machine brews a cup of fresh, hot and flavorful coffee that is ready to drink and enjoy. A classic example of a good quality machine is the Cuisinart® brand K-Cup pods coffee maker – it can brew regular and decaffeinated coffees and teas along with hot cider and hot chocolate, all in under one minute per cup. On a price per cup basis on demand coffee rivals anything you might get at a fancy coffee shop and it is so much more convenient.

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