Cosy Cottage Design Ideas

Cosy cottage styling is a great way to create a relaxed, informal, anything-goes type of feel to your home.  You don’t necessarily have to live in a cottage to get on board the cottage designing bandwagon, as there are so many elements that can work well in any type of home.  So if you want to bring a bit of the country cottage theme to your home, then read on.

Creating the right vibe

There are no hard and fast rules about cosy cottage designing, as long as you create something that oozes a relaxed style, with a friendly and warming feel, you’ll be well on your way towards getting the look you want.  Cottage designing is about escaping the rigours of the everyday stresses of modern life, so make sure you include plenty of soft, natural touches in your home.


Country cottage colours can vary from the pretty pastel shades to the delicate florals, but rustic tones of reds, golds and browns can also be blended in for the ultimate cottage feel.  Mixing and matching stripes, checks and tartans also works really well so experiment to see what works best for your home.

Make the most of nature

A cosy cottage feel can be easily achieved by getting back to your roots.  Incorporating nature into your home can make you feel closer to Mother Earth, and create, a warm, homely vibe.  There are loads of things you can do for this one, whether it’s having a fresh vase of flowers on the table or hearth, creatively arranging some twigs or twine to make an unusual feature, a decorative bowl of pine cones or just a few pots of herbs on the windowsill.  Wood is a prominent feature of any cottage, so you might want to opt for having wooden cottage doors, or an internal oak door or a traditional ledge and brace door, for example.

Bringing the outside in, in terms of incorporating garden furniture, wire plant stands, metal chairs and decorative ornaments can also help create a cosy cottage vibe.

Candles and lighting

Creating a cosy cottage vibe is all about designing a space that you’d ideally want to spend time in and relax.  So it goes without saying that candles and soft lighting are going to be winners to include in the mix.  Scented candles and oil burners also work well.  Choose an area of the house where you can sit and relax, and incorporate it with plump cushions and pillows, making an ideal area for sinking into a novel or two.

The window look

Typically, cottage windows are fairly small but distinctive.  Yet you can still create the cottage window look even if you haven’t got this type of window.  Plump for full and frilly curtains that are informal in style but pretty.  A valence, pelmet, drape or tie-back can be used to accessorize your curtains for an attractive look.


When it comes to furniture and creating a cottage feel, you need to think distressed, solid, wooden or natural.  Modern furniture doesn’t really work well, so seek out vintage bargains at charity stores, flea markets or second-hand shops.  You don’t need to spend a fortune to get the cosy cottage look, it just has to work well and feel right.  Pretty plates, delicate cups and tea pots are also great to incorporate in your kitchen, and displaying them on a vintage Welsh dresser can look really fab.


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