Guide On Finding The Right Engagement Ring

Guide On Finding The Right Engagement Ring

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Marriage is one of the best parts of one’s life. But before we step into it, here comes what we commonly called as ‘proposing.’

When it comes to proposing, one needs to invest in an Engagement Ring indeed. The means of investing to it is finding the right one such as knowing what to look for and the kind of ring to have. Most probably, the difficult part in finding the ring that suits your woman is the right band for her such as getting the perfect size, color, and metal. But if you just know the guides on how select such, it will save you time.

On the other hand, the gems won’t be that difficult to find as it will all depend after finding the perfect band for the ring. There are different classifications of it. You can select diamond, which is the traditional type, or you can have other kinds of gems for a unique type then. It’s just a matter of one’s preferences though. But nonetheless, all you just need to have is guidance to find the right one for her.

Selecting the Right Band

In many cases, we all end up getting the best one. And when we say the best, we get the expensive one. But as for getting the right band, you can have different metals according to her likes. Don’t just depend on the cost of the ring; get the one that makes her the happiest woman alive.

The different types of metals:

  • Gold
  • White Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum

We all have our own preferences. But in choosing engagement rings, we all end up getting the gold one as it is the most common and popular metal for such thing.

Gold comes with two types of color, the yellow one and the white gold. It comes with different weight of purity of the gold. The common one is 14 karat then followed by 18. One can have the 24 karat as well which costs much compare to the lesser ones. The only disadvantage part of gold is that it can be broken easily. Unlike silver and platinum, these kinds of metals are extremely hard and don’t break that easily. Both are still popular but when it comes to engagement rings and the like, more people prefer the gold one. But nonetheless, it all depends on one’s choice though.

Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

In finding the right engagement ring, one must know some tips to consider before purchasing.

  1. If you want to find the right ring for her, let her give you the idea. Bring her to the shop but never give her the hint that it’s your way to get her, her ideal ring.
  1. If you want to surprise her totally, you can bring along with you her old ring to get exactly the size of the ring that would fit her. In this way, on the day exactly you will propose, everything would perfect.
  1. Know what her preferences. This is for the purpose of what gems to add on the ring you are going to purchase. Diamond engagement rings are way too common. Though chances she will like that, but it’s best to know what’s on her mind. Aside from surprising her the proposal, time three the feelings she gets when finds out that you did make an effort for the ring then.

It may be difficult and a little scary in picking up the right ring for her, but what is important is when you found the right ring for her on that special day, you know that it is her precious ‘YES’ is what matters the most for you.

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