How to Create a Photo and Music Slideshow with the Movavi Video Editor

How to Create a Photo and Music Slideshow with the Movavi Video EditorCreating a photo and music slideshow is a great way to showcase some of your happiest moments – whether it is photos of your family, your last vacation, or something else entirely. By accompanying these photos with some great background music, you could really turn it into an impressive presentation, and the Movavi Video Editor will let you accomplish this with ease.

To get started, click the ‘Add Media Files’ button and select all the photos and music that you’d like to add. Then switch the editor to ‘Storyboard mode’ by clicking on the ‘Storyboard’ button.

Once you’re in Storyboard mode, all you need to do to create your slideshow is drag over the pictures to the Storyboard in the order that you want them to appear. If you’re using photos with different sizes and resolutions just be aware that the resolution of the video that you create will be based on the first slide that you add – but you can always change it manually if you need to.

Also the default display duration for each slide is 5 seconds – but you can edit that too if you like. Just select all the slides, right click them, choose the ‘Duration’ option and key in the duration that you desire.

While you’re still in the Storyboard mode you can even add stylish transitions to your slideshow. Just go to the ‘Fades’ panel and pick the style that you feel you’d like to try out then drag it over and position it in-between the slides. If you want to tweak the settings for any particular transitions you can do so via the ‘Settings’ panel.

After you’re done you can turn it into a slideshow with music by switching the mode back to ‘Timeline’ and dragging the music file that you added earlier over to the audio part of the timeline (it is marked with a note).

See how easy it is? If you’re satisfied just save the presentation using one of the many optimized presets that are available. Alternatively you could take advantage of the numerous other features that the Movavi Video Editor provides and add titles, videos, special effects, filters, and much more.

At the end of the day, it is entirely up to you – so just keep trying out new features until you’re satisfied with the video slideshow of photos and music that you’ve created.

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