How to maintain your website successfully?

How to maintain your website successfully? There are lot of ways to maintain your website, if you don’t want your blog to become trash or something like people forget about your site. Of course by Updating your site regularly, your readers wants to know something new about you or how are you doing lately. Don’t forget your readers, by responding to their comments quickly! And then provide some regular maintenance on your website, make a weekly tasks for your website. Always check your email and your contact form regularly to make sure that the correct data is being logged and the correct information is being reported back to the visitor. The monthly task do this once a month, validate the links. Check all your links at least once a month and pay attention to external links because they may change or go offline. And of course, check your search engine ranking. Check your place in search engines occasionally based on your keywords. The Annual tasks, renewing your domain name you should have some penny to renew your domain name. Backup your files always, don’t depend too much on your host or else you’ll get irritated. The Power of Analytics, what are these? The common analytics are Hits, Page views, Unique Visitors, Downloads, Entry pages, Exit pages, Referrers, Search Strings, Avg. Time on Site, New Visitors and Browsers used. It’s happy to see how many visitors on your page regularly, you can use plugins for WordPress, it can gather all the information for your blog. I used Cystats plugin for WordPress. Try putting this and you’ll see how many visitors you have.

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