How to pick the right color for your blog.

The bobs plotter scratches beside the precedent.

The title said already! Yes, I blog hopped today and I’m having a hard time to comment on their blogs. 🙁
This is the problem of a blogger, BIG TIME. So let’s get straight. Do not use light colors for your text or text links, when you’re background color or images is very light/bright. Another thing also, don’t use too small text font on your blogs! I made an example, so you have an idea what I’m talking about. LOL

Annoying to read? 😉

Pick the right colors! Vice versa, if you’re using a dark background, what color you supposed to use? Of course it’s lighter color! 😉

Another common mistake. 🙂

So I hope this post helps you out. Don’t you love your readers? And also a little advice, don’t put a background song, it annoys your readers. Can I still put a background music? Yes, you can but you can turn it on manually. 😉

If you’re having a hard time picking colors for you blog design, you can go to this link and get your color scheme! 🙂


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