How to Play DOTA 2.

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Hi as you may know, I’m quite a addicted player. Or in other words a Lifetime Gamer.

3 days ago I received my invitation to play this game called DOTA 2. Well, this is an epic game like all boys and even girls loved, I myself too. I always saw screen shots of the game through Social Networks especially Facebook. I always thought how to play this game, because it’s not even in an Closed Beta, meaning the game isn’t exposed yet to all people. You just get an invitation to play this game.

If you really want to play this game follow the steps below:

  • Download and Signup on Steam
  • Install their application and open Steam.
  • Update Steam (You must have the latest version of Steam in order to take the survey).
  • Click Steam >> Check for Steam Client Updates.

  • Wait for the update and Restart Steam.
  • Once your Steam has been updated, click on this: Dota 2 Survey
  • . (Remember you must be logged on to your Steam Account to open the link.)

  • Answer the Survey, don’t worry it’s not a paid link website. 🙂
  • And now all you have to do is wait for their email. I believe I got mine 2 weeks after I answered their survey. Luckily I’ve been chosen, too bad my boyfriend didn’t get one. XD

    Comment down if you have any questions. 🙂

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