How to use Cufon Font Text.

Hi guys! Here’s little tutorial on how you could change the System font to just-another-font-style.
So set up your font you would like to. Mine is Passion Sans.

Go here

Upload the Regular Typeface. Click Choose file
Check the Box of The EULAs.
Then scroll down, the check the box again for the Terms. Then click LET’S DO THIS!! (photo below)

After you’ve clicked it, it will give you the .js file of your font generated.
Now upload it here, YourJavascript

You’ll see a white background right after you upload it. Now check your email and you’ll get the code! 🙂

So here’s the code on how it goes. Put this script on your header.php inside

Cufon.replace(‘h1, h2’); then for this, you can change it, if you would like H1 to be only change on what font you like to.

Then that’s all, I hope it works for yah! Comment down so I can help! 😛
Visit my blog so you can see how it looks like! Babyvox

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