Influence of Social Networking.

What are the influence of social networking on us people? I remember when we had our research individually, my classmate pick up this topic. On how does social networking affects the people who uses this kind of medium. There really are many ideas, we meet different kinds of people around the globe through this. We even keep in touch with our love ones across the country. But, sometimes it can be a start of humiliation to others. Such as uploading pictures, making a fuss about someone and a simple sentence which may occur to misunderstanding. There are hundreds/millions of people all around the world who uses social networking sites, such as Facebook, Friendster, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.. And many more. What could be the possible thing that may happen on each person who uses or abuses this social networking sites? I admit even me it’s impossible to not use this sites, especially when you already figure out how to use them. But sometimes, the influence of social networking on self identity can’t be seen. It’s for others who can tell you or even yourself, that this medium influenced you.