Wp – grins

Know how to change your smilies and make them clickable!

First thing you have to do is to download the plugin! Of course, just click Wp-grins

Upload it to your host.  wp-content/plugins then activate it, on plugin’s page.

After your successfully activated it. Go to

wp-includes/images/smilies | on the smilies folder put your favorite smiley graphics!

after you uploaded your graphics go to wp-includes download function.php open it with notepad or any text-editors your using.

open function.php then search ‘ smilies_init ‘ after you search it you will see something like this:

this some kinda tricky if you didn’t follow the instructions carefully.

Remember you uploaded images and it has its own name.


I change mrgreen to kitty here’s the code

‘:mrgreen:’ => ‘icon_mrgreen.gif’, —-> ‘:kitty:’ => ‘icon_kitty.gif’,

here’s the idea whatever the name of your image has to be the same and then name your image whatever you want.

Remember left side is the alternative name of your image and on the right is the FILE NAME.

After you finish it saved function.php on wp-includes.

Hope it helps.:roll:

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