Let’s Go Shopping!


I was really amazed upon seeing this infographic. I only tried buying ever since last year. And recently I bought some things from the US. Does this mean I’ am a part of the users too?! Lol. Online shopping now a days is really a big hit! I have no doubt for that. I don’t have to go out, and keep on walking through out the day to find some thing I can also find online.

Keeping it simple, my favorite online shop is Ebay! Everything is so cheap and it’s always FREE SHIPPING! I always love the word FREE! Haha! And I would also like to share to you where I always shop my clothes online, ROMWE. One of the leading website now for selling great wardrobes online!

My boss from Chicago also have an online seller account in Ebay. Even here in the Philippines, online selling is everywhere!

How about you? Where do you shop online? 🙂

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