Medical Scrubs Uniform

When I was young, whenever I see a nursing student, I always say to myself. I’m going to be a nurse someday! I love to wear a white uniform with white shoes and a nursing cap. And wearing a medical uniforms such as scrubs, with different colors.

Thinking how would be one of them? I even ask many people about it and google it also. But my mind went blank when I saw body organs of an animal. And without a second I run away and stopped from seeing it.

It’s good to see wearing uniforms, I myself love to wear it especially scrubs uniform. It’s for medical uniforms for surgeons, nurses, dentist etc… Anything related to Medical. You know what I mean, am I right? They do have plain colors, blue, white, brown, yellow and so much more! They also have different styles or print fabric. So what would you like if you got to wear such cotton scrubs? I want to choose medical nursing scrubs for women! If only time flies back, I think I want to be a nurse. Oh well but I’m so afraid to see body organs. You know the feeling; it makes me want to vomit. That’s why I choose to become an IT student. If only I had the guts to see body organs, I think I’ am a nurse now. 🙂

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