My Top 3 Cherry Mobile Picks from Lazada

Alright! I’m back with a new post now! I’m going straight now with my post.

Since I have my Cherry Mobile Flare and Fusion Bolt which I bought from Lazada. (Yeah I’m a Cherry Mobile addict! lol) Here’s my

My Top 3 Cherry Mobile Picks from Lazada

That will be

cherry mobile cosmos s & z

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I believe these babies are awesome!! I was eyeing on Cherry Mobile’s Thunder but after seeing these new gadgets. I will definitely save money for it! Well of course CM’s Flare is still awesome.

And I know I just recently bought the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt for my son. I also wanted to buy the CM’s Fusion Fire! It’s 10 inc! Who would not love to have that thing?! Cherry Mobile rocks, imagine a local brand giving us these kind of gadgets at an affordable price? Feels like I’m having my own IPhone ha!

I would really recommend using Cherry Mobile to everyone. Why? It’s affordable prices! The awesome specs of the gadgets. Though sometimes it hangs for me, but hey not all gadgets are perfect! Plus if a certain gadget hangs on you, means there’s something wrong on how you use it. The only downside of Cherry Mobile gadgets is the Battery. Yea I’ am very aware of it. lol it will only drain your battery is you turn on the Wifi for a long day! 🙂

How about you? What are your thoughts with Cherry Mobile? You can check their items, click here! 🙂

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