New Found Online Shopping Favorite

sammy dress

I’ve been doing my online shopping for almost a year now from Romwe. And of course there are many online shopping websites that are popping everywhere. Well of course! What’s best is to know if they are legitimate seller. Because there’s this one online shop that messaged me for a while. And give me at least $70 store credits, I already placed my order but until now I haven’t got it. They don’t even have tracking number, and that’s so bothering. But anyways, let’s end the story here. And I won’t drop the name of this store. LOL

Last time I saw this online shop Sammy Dress from my blogger friends who have recently hosted an international giveaway. So I’ve checked it out and saw their products and they are really cheap! Way better than my favorite online shop! Well seriously, if given a chance to be their partner, why not? I love to wear fashionable clothes, but I’m not posting it here since this is my old blog. You can check my OOTD’s at

Since it’s Thanksgiving in the US now, I bet everything is in a very low price! I can’t wait to check what are the things that I could check on their website. I really love to check the Women’s Clothing in T-shirts gosh it’s so many and so cheap! I can get whatever I want to! And they have the latest fashion trend! So you better check it out now, and I also love their website now.. You can feel the spirit of Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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