Not So Ordinary Party

A friend of mine invited me to a party, that will happen next month. Actually I think it’s a blind dating party, if that’s what you call it. I think it’s cool to go with her. And meet different kinds of people. And it will be a good opportunity to meet the man you’ve been waiting for, am I right? So it would be nice to have a very lovely and elegant dress to wear. Well not just an ordinary dress, of course it must be something stunning! So when a guy see you coming, it will be a great impression. Since it’s a party, the dress code is semi-formal. And for the girls, should be wearing cocktail dresses.

Here’s my Top 3 Picks, for a cocktail dress.

  • First Dress: I like it’s design, for me when a woman wears this. It will be definitely an eye catchy. And also I love the color Violet. (Lilac or whatever you call it.)
  • Second Dress: A red dress? Looks really really stunning! I love the simplicity of this dress, it looks like a polo shirt. Haha!
  • Third Dress: I like nude colors. So when I get to see this while browsing on their website, I’d definitely pick this as one of my top 3 picks.

Aren’t they lovely?! Gosh, I hope I could own one of them someday. But too bad this is so expensive for me, I might buy a gadget instead of buying an expensive dress. Hehe! But if given a chance, why not! 🙂

What is your favorite kind of dress? 🙂

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