PC Tools

www.pctools.com can help you manage the latest tools for your computer. All sorts of Antivirus and PC Software Utilities.  Pc tools stuffs have feature-set into the box, consisting of an antivirus scanner, firewall, spyware module and an anti-spam controls PC tools to get ready to rock, do not need too much. If you want to customize the package according to your preferences, to a pre-set drilling just a couple mouse clicks. $50 for one year license, PC Tools will protect up to three. From PC Tools Internet Security software is packed with the necessary protection tools, and browses the Internet and using computers. There is also a game mode, suppress the pop-up windows and other disruption, the use of full-screen mode on your computer. PC Tools installation program also adds an anti-spam plug-in, e-mail programs, and Internet Explorer and Firefox add-ons of the browser guard. For me, I prefer my laptop to use this program.


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