Perfect Medieval Wedding Costumes

If you are looking for a unique kind of wedding and get used to seeing those traditional white long gown, you may want to give a try an old fashion instead. If you are looking for full Renaissance Costumes to wear on your big day, here are some of the things you may consider.

SCA garb for her and SCA armor for him is perhaps one of the coolest wedding costumes one could wear on his or her big day indeed. If you’re a fan of olden times, having a Medieval Wedding is a perfect wedding theme to have.

A lot of couples are celebrating the beginning of their life together in full Renaissance attire and it starts on their wedding day. And even guests are getting in on the act too, playing their parts and dressing in period garbs as well. If your nuptials will have a medieval period kind of wedding, you need the proper clothing and accessories for it. Here are some things that you must know in choosing this kind of wedding then.

To the Groom

Medieval Wedding Costumes for GroomIn choosing to have a Renaissance kind of wedding, one of the most romantic looks a groom could have is a cotton lace-up wedding shirt. To be detailed, it should come up with rows of tiny tucks going down the sleeves and below the lace-up front. The color must come in natural black and white so it can be paired any color according to the season and time of the big day. For the shirt, if he prefers a button front, there is a wedding shirt full with tiny tucks that has at least buttons going down the neckline. These shirts comes in different colors such as navy, gray, brown, mustard, teal, plum, wine, and forest green.

As for the lower part, depending on the groom’s choice, he can have a long twill breech which is usually baggy and comes with a button in front and a drawstring at the waist part as well cuffs. On the other hand, he can also have knee-length twill breeches instead. The knee-length twill breeches have cuffs that are tied just below the knee. This tie can be bought in a wide variety of colors such as royal blue, tan, black, burgundy, or forest green.

To the Bride

Medieval Wedding DressWhen it comes to what she will be wearing, it starts with the chemise or surplice. There are a wide variety of styles from which she can select. For a formal touch, there are chemises that feature extraordinarily long, hanging sheer sleeves and a gathered neckline. A chemise with metallic gold trim at the square neckline is an eye catching.

As for the gown, it can go with a simple cotton twill surcoat or as flowery as an Irish dress with a fleur-de-lis brocade bodice. You can even create your own gown too according to the style. There are numerous patterns from which you can choose. Thence, creating your own is never that hard to do.

For the Couple

If you’re planning have this wedding motif, you’ll also need to have the proper accessories too. Dragon is one of it. It symbolizes passion, monogamy, and love, so including the appearance of dragons to the ceremony or reception is a perfect fit. Adding the touch of the appearance of dragon on your wedding would definitely shows the olden times indeed. You too can wear a dragon double heart pendant, or you too can use two dragon goblets for your toast as well. Medieval Wedding Costumes for couple

If you haven’t known yet, part of the medieval wedding is hand fasting cords, which is known to be used to bind you and your beloved’s hands together signifies the promise you make for each other.Isn’t that interesting?

With the right planning, there are so many ways to have Renaissance themes and costumes done into your big day.

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