Premium Leather Jackets: Which Type of Leather Material to Buy?

Premium Leather Jackets- Which Type of Leather Material to Buy

Almost all leather jackets are stylish, that goes without saying, but to really make an impression you should look for top quality leather. Some of the best leather jackets out should be made of full grain leather. The types of leather include:

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Cowhide, Steerhide or HorseHide

If you’re looking for something that will last you a lifetime this type of premium leather is for you. If the woman you’re buying likes to ride her bike in all weathers or just enjoys the security and protection a hide jacket can bring then considering this material is a must. It’s a heavy jacket though so make sure to lay it over her shoulders with care.

Calf Skin

The joy of a calf skin leather jacket is its fine grain and versatility. It’s still a fantastically durable jacket that provides warmth and comfort. It’s still a heavy jacket though that needs to be broken in so consider that this is a leather jacket for woman who can ride through tough times and come out the other end looking stunning.

Lamb Skin

Touching a leather jacket like this has the ability to change your perspective on life. Its silky smooth texture and lightweight approach to coolness means you have a jacket that can be worn on almost any day-to-day occasion. Be cautious that these jackets tends to be more expensive and has the possibility of rips and tears, but saying that, who isn’t a risk taker when wearing a leather jacket?

Goat Skin

Where all other jackets fail the goat skin accomplishes everything. We like to call this premium leather jacket as the jack-of-all-trades as it has the versatility and durability needed to age well in all weather. These pebble grain jackets were famous with the US Air force and Navy as A-2 and G-1 flight jackets. The great thing about a goat skin leather jacket is that the older it gets the more it tends to ooze that aged “I’ve seen and done it all” look. A true vintage classic.

Buffalo and Bison

Whether it’s riding your motorbike along the most daredevil mountain route on a sub-zero winters day or working on a construction site for the next Hells Angels social club you can be sure that a buffalo or bison jacket is going to protect from just about anything that’s’ thrown at you. We’d go as far as to say you’ll never have anything thrown at you with a buffalo or bison leather jacket because they’re just so strong.

It will also last you a lifetime so for value this jacket maybe just what you’re looking for.

So there you have it, a brief yet informative guide to premium leather jackets that hopefully provide you with an informed decision on your next purchase. Bodaskins sell premium leather jackets for both men and women with a whole host of materials to choose from. The best thing about Bodaskins is their ability to marry great British design with quality Turkish craftsmanship. A true treasure.

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