The all new EPSON L100 Inkjet Printer. I just bought this yesterday from PC Express it’s very light when you carry it. The fact that I should be the one who bought it, just myself not with my 2 boys. Okay continue with the review.

Increase productivity with the all-new Epson Original Ink Tank

The Epson Original Ink Tank System is ideal for high print volumes. With a page yield of up to 12,000^ pages for black and 6,500^ pages for colour, the Epson L100 Printer offers great value for money. Specially fitted with filters and tank caps to control airflow and ensure minimal ink wastage from moisture evaporation, the integrated design minimises print head clogging and keeps your work space clean.

Assured quality with Epson genuine inks

Only Epson inks assure you of brilliant prints. Every 70ml bottle of Epson super high capacity ink comes with a unique 13-digit code that ensures its authenticity, and a cap for easy storage of any unused ink.

Because they are Epson super high capacity inks, you can be assured of the same vivid colours even after weeks of storage. At only US$5.50 per Epson ink bottle, you can print and save at the same time.


The above information is true. Based on my experience.

Packaging 5/5

The box is very substantial, inside the printer was on a Styrofoam covered with plastics. It’s difficult when you carry it around especially when you are on a crowded places. Like me I bought it on Monumento, Caloocan. PC Express. The other parts is on a plastic too. And the Ink Bottles are just so cute they are really sealed on a plastic without Air, (if you know what I mean). Those bottles comes along with the printer, it’s free. Like what the above info says, for starter ink you can print 12,000 pages.. I got 6 bottles, 3 Black and 1 for every color, Magenta, Yellow and Cyan.
The manuals are very useful. Even a non-techy can handle it, just be sure to read the instructions!

Design 4/5

For a printer I’m very picky if I’am the one whose buying, well I bought this because my sister pick this for me. XD
On the other hand, it looks simple but at least this one’s okay because I can fold the paper container anytime. And this one is safe for transportation thingy also. There’s an instruction on how to seal the tank tubes so they won’t spill.

Quantity 5/5

My sister bought this for me because of the quantity range of this printer, imagine 12,000 copies for just 70ml Ink Bottle! If you are an office person this printer is good! And if you are in a business like me this one is good also! Ink bottles are just PHP 280.00 each. So it’s very affordable! And each bottle comes along with 13 Code which you need to verify first when you are refilling the ink tubes.

[img border=”yes” align=”center” src=”” title=”adi-epson-l100-3″ width=”550″ height=”310″]

Quality 4/5

It’s still new for me. Well let’s see it depends on whoever is using it right?

Overall 4/5

I think I will love this printer more. Because I can refill the ink with my full hands plus the Ink Bottles are cheap. It’s a space friendly it doesn’t require much space. 🙂


I had many printers came to my life, I had also bought a EPSON T100 and bought a continuous ink system. I remember when I bought the EPSON T100 I saw PC Express sign that if the printer was being changed or you replaced it with a continuous ink system the Warranty of your printer will be void. I just used it for 2months and it got an error until I disposed it. Good thing EPSON made this Model L100 now I won’t need a continuous ink system. :3

This is a screenshot when you need to refill the tank tubes. :3

[img border=”yes” align=”center” src=”×199.jpg” title=”epsonFIT-300×199″ width=”300″ height=”199″]

I was not paid in any way to do this review. Everything said is 100% my own honest opinion.
The photos are not mine. 🙂

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