School Rules.

Ever since I got to school again we do always wear shoes right?

Since not all schools are wearing shoes, my school do had a rule about wearing a shoe when we were inside of school.

All I remember when the first day of school came, I was wearing a “Tsinelas”(tagalog name of sandals) or we call that Sandals. And first time I met our P.E teacher she said, we should not wear sandals or any high heels. Oh and I forgot to say my school doesn’t require uniforms, lol just a shirt or pants. That’s why ever since then I do always wear shoes. As I’ve noticed the students of our school, other girls doesn’t wear shoes they do always wear sandals or high heels. well, what’s the reason why I tell this? I’m craving for some original shoes, my sister loves a original steel toe and that’s too heavy! I wish I do had something like those German Shoes, they are all cool! Like, Timberland Stiefel. They do have a really good shoes like Markenschuhe and Converse. Their compay is great if you stumble upon their website you’ll see those good pair of unique designs!

Well, I do always prefer that wearing shoes are great, they are really helpful to make our day really great!!! So I suggest their website to you! ;-)

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