Top Tips to Help Keep your Skin Looking Young and Healthy

Leading a busy life, it can be hard to keep your skin in tiptop condition. However, by following some simple principles and using the right products, you should find it easier to ensure your complexion looks young and healthy.


OK, so this isn’t exactly breaking news, but leading a healthy lifestyle really is one of the most important things when it comes to maintaining a youthful appearance. If possible, steer clear of cigarettes and too much booze.

Also, getting plenty of vitamin and antioxidant-rich foods such as fruit, vegetables and oily fish is key, and you should drink plenty of water. Then there’s exercise to consider. Keeping fit is a must if you want to look your best. If you’re not a gym person and you don’t like jogging, then give swimming a go, as this low-impact sport can really help tone muscles and improve overall fitness.

Taking care of your eyes

Image by sunshinecity, used under a Creative Commons License

Image by sunshinecity, used under a Creative Commons License

It’s often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. They’re certainly the focal point of the face, so it’s vital that you take good care of your peepers.

For example, a good anti-wrinkle eye cream can do wonders to the skin around your eyes, which is prone to wrinkles and the dreaded crow’s feet. Everyone begins to develop fine lines around their eyes at some stage, but you can minimize the impact of them by using good quality products early.

Puffy eyes can be a problem for many people too. Whether they’re due to a lack of sleep, sensitive skin or anything else, it’s important to tackle them quickly. From time to time, you can use slices of cool cucumber to sooth the area around your eyes and to reduce swelling.

Finding the right cream for your skin’s needs is crucial too. If, even after your best efforts to treat puffy eyes the problem is still visible, then hide them by reaching for the concealer. For the best results, apply concealer with a brush rather than your fingertips as the finish will be smoother.

To give your eyes themselves some extra sparkle when you’re feeling tired or run down, use eye drops. These can reduce redness and make you feel more alert.

Getting into a good routine

No matter how busy you are, it’s important to build an effective skincare routine into your daily life.

For example, before bed make sure you thoroughly cleanse your face before toning and moisturizing it. If your skin is looking a little dull, it could probably do with some exfoliation too, so treat yourself to an exfoliating treatment. By scrubbing off dead skin cells, you can achieve that healthy glow, but stick to using exfoliating products just once a week, as using them too often can lead to irritation.

Try not to wear makeup everyday too. By avoiding concealer and foundation from time to time, you can ensure your pores will be exposed to more oxygen. If you must wear makeup, then make sure you remove it thoroughly in the evening to avoid blocked pores.

Get steamy

It’s also worth noting that hot showers can help to open up your pores and revive your skin. If you’re feeling especially stressed or run down, spend an extra few minutes under the running water.

For a treat, it’s a great idea to indulge in steam rooms and saunas when you get the chance. They both increase circulation to the skin and make you sweat, which is great for your complexion.

UV protection

Perhaps most importantly of all, make sure you protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun by covering up when necessary and using effective sunscreen. Always choose products that protect you from both UVA and UVB rays.

Although you might love the sun-kissed look, be aware that it leads to premature ageing of the skin, and, if you’re not careful, it can cause serious problems, such as skin cancer. Instead of basking in the solar rays, reach for the fake tan. There are plenty of products for you to choose from and this is a much healthier approach, with minimum risk.

Worth the effort

Leading a healthy lifestyle and having a good skincare routine does take a little effort, but it’s well worth it. It can help you look and feel great now and for many years to come! So why not try out a new skin care routine and see what it can do for your skin?




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