Vintage Watches: Cool or Not?

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What are watches? And what does it do with our lives? Before there were no cellphones to check the time only “clock.” But on 15th century Europe. Watches weren’t widely worn in pockets until the 17th century. Whoever made this is such to create this thing! Now our lives is much easier. Well for me you can’t rely on your phone’s clock especially if they are low battery.

How to change watches batteries? It’s simple! If you have your own batteries and tools to open watches you can do it yourself. Or if you are busy enough that you don’t have time, you can go to any watches store. You’ll just have to pay for the service fee. 😛

I love to wear watches especially if you’re a fashionista like me! I have different watches to use for any occasions. Formal attire, on the go trip, swimming and a not so ordinary day! And of course all of them are waterproof!

I almost forgot! It’s our 4th year anniversary on June 22nd! And my partner doesn’t have any watch right now. Last time his watch drained the battery. And we don’t get the chance to replace a new battery until it gets old. And I told him that we will just buy a new one. Then I found out this website that sells a variety of vintage watches! And I get so excited, the designs are simply cool! Who would not love to collect old stuff like that? New or old! As long as it called vintage watches I think it’s great!

How about you? Did you like any swatches? From plastic made to stainless steel or are you a leather lover? There are many designs made by branded companies, you just have to find a great one to accompany you throughout the day! 🙂

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