What You Should Look for in a Laptop Bag

Photo from SheKnows.com

Photo from SheKnows.com

Laptop bags are available in all sizes, materials, colors, and styles, so how can you possibly choose the right one for your needs? Should you choose a cheap laptop bag that will meet your minimum portability requirements, or should you raise your standards and find a leather laptop bag that will last for years? Should you choose a black bag that will match most of your wardrobe, or should you opt for the classy and vintage look of brown leather? If you have recently been shopping for a laptop bag but walked away empty-handed because you were overwhelmed by your choices, here are a few suggestions for what to look for in a good laptop bag.


While you may at first want to purchase the cheapest laptop bag you can find, if you do so you will end up regretting your decision in the long run. Cheap laptop bags can be found practically anywhere, but if you buy one you will most likely end up replacing it in a few months due to its shoddy construction. Your laptop probably cost a lot of money, so if you really want to protect your investment, make sure you tuck it away in a high-quality laptop bag.


You should try to choose a bag that will fit your laptop perfectly, so make sure you measure your laptop before you go shopping for a bag. If a bag is too small, you are more likely to scratch up your laptop or wear it down from continuously trying to stuff it in a space that is too small. It is also important to make sure that your bag has enough room for your business documents and any other items that you carry around with you on a regular basis.

Secure Flap

Your laptop is one of your more valuable possessions, so make sure you choose a bag that is capable of keeping it secure. The ideal bag should not have Velcro straps that could easily be opened and cause your laptop to fall out. Look for a bag that closes securely and snaps or zips into place.


The ideal laptop bag should have compartments to assist with organization and efficiency. It is important to keep pens and other items separated from your laptop in order to avoid damaging it, so at least two inside pockets are a must-have with any laptop bag. Make sure the compartments are separated with sturdy panels.

Adjustable Straps

In order to ensure back comfort, you should always look for laptop bags that have adjustable shoulder straps. This is an especially important consideration if you are unusually short or tall, or if you have back pain to begin with.


Of course, no one wants to carry around a laptop bag that is unattractive and boring. To help protect your self-esteem and give your confidence a boost, you should look for laptop bags that are just as attractive as they are durable. Quality leather bags are usually attractive by nature, and they complement many different clothing styles.

Now that you are armed with a few helpful suggestions, you should be able to find a high-quality bag that will keep your laptop safe.

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